Full Front, Back, and Spine Book Cover Design for the novel, Kitsch Kult by M. Scott Natale
Available for purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Kitsch-Cult-M-Scott-Natale-ebook/dp/B072LFV749
— A turn-of-the-century styled novel à la Russian

Yes, it is said that rumors grow like hair in unwanted places. But this story is no rumor—not by a curly grey. It is the story of "M"! Of you! Indeed, of us all! [Granted, it is as unwanted!]

Now "M" works in the educational outreach and recruitment department at a non-profit association. But he has a problem: his boss Gerald Weih. Picture a Donald Trump-like character with a yellow-tinctured button-down, sweat stains under his arms, an off-colored tie, and two large seventies sideburns—flailing in front of power points; and screaming about the ten worst customer service faux pas.
Not a pretty picture, is it?

At one time "M" and Gerald were buddies. Oh, yes, indeed! This is more than truth; this is a mere fact.... but now... the egotistical association Executive Director has stolen "M"'s customer service outreach trinity model—the customer, customer service agent, and the ombudsman—and accused him of the worst kinds of customer service transgressions. [Every villain needs a scapegoat!] So, "M" must invent a new product to overcome The International Society of Member Service Innovation Professionals' attempts to convince the world that it needs its kitschy expropriation of “M”’s original customer service ideas. [Having one great idea is a plum; having a second one is quite the push and pluck!]

To find happiness, clear his [mostly] good name, and—oh, yeh—save the entire world, "M" (dare I say, WE ALL) must overcome the proselytizations of the Kitsch Kult. Go ahead, and pluck that hairy rumor. Pl[f]uck the Kitsch Kult. You know you want to! You know you must! And that is no mere rumor... [Granted, people may gossip.]

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