Kindle Book Cover Design/ Illustration for M. Scott Natale's Potshots
and Girls! Girls! Girls!
M. Scott Natale's Potshots:

Summary: Fashioned from the war-time experiences of three very different men, Potshots begins in the Big Apple with juvenile delinquent Johnathon Riley O'Brien’s life of poverty and desperation; it then weaves its way to Bien Hoa, Vietnam, where rule-follower and war supporter Private First Class Reginald "Reggie" J. Holcombe confronts the ghosts he’s brought with him from the states. The two unlucky GIs ultimately end up in a POW camp near Cambodia where NLF soldier Kim Xuan Duong struggles with whether the extreme, almost farcical, propaganda he forces John and Reggie to endure isn’t simply a mis-guided attempt to be forgiven by The Party for his bourgeoisie origins.

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M. Scott Natale's Girls! Girls! Girls!:

Summary: N.Y. accountant Steve Mazzo's life has become a real drag lately. He and his wife Mildred bicker constantly, his mother-in-law despises him, and to boot, he and his brother Benny (who may have stolen Mafia money) are now on the run. To bypass his mother-in-law, reunite with Mildred, avoid the FBI, and outmanoeuvre the Mafioso, Steve and Benny conspire to hijinks. Why it involves donning dresses and going full drag? Well, Steve can't get his head around that one (but that could just be the tight black mini). Anyway, the boys (uhh, the gals) soon find themselves at a Goodfella convention in Poughkeepsie, NY, hosted by Milton Berle and Don Rickles. Chaos ensues. Are Steve and Mildred ready for true love within the [often boring] covenant of marriage? Can Berle and Rickles bring down the house? Are Steve and Benny woman (man, whatever; it's all good!) enough to follow the law and save the day? Benny can't seem to even keep his wig on straight. (Lots of camp / men in drag, Italian jokes, and the like antics abound. An [original storied] homage to Some Like It Hot.)

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