Graphic Novel Illustration and Design: Sleepwalk Issue 1
Written by Lowell Jon Smith
Cover and page art illustration I created in the noir vein for issue 1 of a series about people being controlled to commit violent and suicidal acts while sleepwalking. Issue 2 should be completed sometime in Fall 2022. Issue 1 is available for purchase now here:
Story Synopsis:

When a killer starts controlling people's bodies through their dreams to commit heinous acts while sleepwalking, the CIA doctor who invented the process must figure out who the killer is... before he falls asleep and does something unconscionable.

BEWARE THE SMOKE MAN! He slips into your dreams, intruding on your bliss, controlling you, coercion you to sleepwalk, compelling you to do something unconscionable.

Selected cover and page art excerpts from issue 1:
A preview of a few pages from Issue 2 slated for completion and sale in Autumn 2022:
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